BCAA System

A vision of the future instead of profaned retro aesthetics: that is what the BCAA system of Prague stands for. Originally a web platform for DJ streams, which is now a multidisciplinary art collective uniting artists working with both visual art and club music. Ecological activism is significantly reflected in their ethos, rather than a typical industry mindset. Their project No​ One Is An Island was nominated for the Vinyla prize for the unification of renowned Czech producers on a digital compilation, short film, or exhibition of gallery art, in Brno. “The compilation is connected with stories of cooperation, partnerships, and unification in searching for ways out of seemingly desperate situations“ says BCAA collective, which follows the Conceptronica Movement. They will curate the second stage of MeetFactory, on Friday evening the 13th of November.



This space in Žižkov is not only arguably the cosiest venue in Prague, but Punctum - Krásovka is more importantly a community platform providing space to contemporary music under the banner of sustainable growth. Be it via the resident concert series Sonitus, Punctum Tapes Label, Punctum Scene Live Recordings, or the resonant waves of Radio Punctum. The fellowship has risen to the concept of DIY more than anyone else on the local scene. For many the significance of Punctum might form a sort of lighthouse on Žižkov’s hills. However everyone can agree that the uncompromising programming makes it a sanctuary. “I would say that Punctum is more than a community,” says Šárka Pivodová one of the core members of Punctum, in an interview for Full Moon Magazine. The public might have read about Punctum a lot in the past months in connection with the Vinyla prize, which they were awarded. Festival Alterantiva will let Punctum curate the second stage of MeetFactory, on Saturday the 14th of November. One question remains: will kimchi be served?


Heartnoize Promotion

Heartnoize Promotion have been expanding the horizons of Prague’s concert scene since 2012. From nihilistic black metal to chaotic free jazz, sweet 80’s pop to industrial techno – Heartnoize have never feared genre eclecticism and from the proverbial motto “more fog!”, heaviness and experiments may arise, but concrete connections are not to be cast around. “It is more important to do something of quality and to push oneselves forward.” say the Heartnoize team in unison. They have collaborated with Famufest and Žižkovská noc festivals. Most notably involved with concerts by Sunn O))), The Bug, Black Midi and Lightning Bolt in the past years. As part of Jednota they participated in last year’s edition of Alternativa festival, and in the years previous they showcased modern metal with Celeste and Amenra. This year Heartnoize will co-produce the second festival evening, on Saturday the 7th of November.


Dirty, aggressive, yet somewhat dancy sounds form the center of attention for Wrong – promotion and cassette label and one of the curators of this year’s Alternativa Festival. Their story began in 2016 and since then they have managed to fill the map of Prague’s underground scene with plenty of concerts and all-nighters focused on dark genres – techno, industrial and noise. On one hand, Wrong has profited from a DIY-approach with indie artists, while not fearing to book established, well-known names like Boy Harsher, Pelada or The Empire Line. “The acts which we book have a sort of weirdness and inaccessibility in common,” says the management of Wrong who have been nominated for the Vinyla award. Wrong will curate the whole first evening of Alternativa festival.