Félicia Atkinson

“Atkinson actively situates her compositions in the intimate, unruly liminal space between comfort and discomfort, quiet and disquiet.“ The Quietus 

One of the leading figures in current French avant-garde, a visual artiste, experimental composer, poet and publisher, Félicia Atkinson, will return to Prague after twelve years. In her work she explores improvisation, concentrated listening, silence, noise, musique concrete, nature, abstraction, and language. Her last regular record “Flower and the Vessel,” was created during her pregnancy. The multi-layered, sophisticated production containing spoken word, whispering, and at times, ASMR-type elements, revealed a sound that attracted attention of prominent media publishers. The recording was featured on the 2019 album charts of magazines such as The Wire and The Quietus. On her latest cassette-released album Everything Evaporate, she recounts a surreal story inspired by travelling. Using such instrumentation as marimba, gongs and bells, she dedicates it to the abstract expressionistic painter Helen Frankenthaler. Do not expect simple listening, but rather concentrated.