BCAA System

Where many others rely on retro aesthetics, the Prague artist collective BCAA System instead presents a vision of the future. Originally a web platform for DJ streams, they have now become a multidisciplinary association for artists working with both visual art and club production. This open laboratory, rather than a “clear boundaries operating section” of music industry, also strongly reflects upon ecological activism. Their project No~one Is an Island, nominated for the Vinyla award in the Achievement of the Year category, compiled post-club production of prominent Czech producents into a digital compilation, a short movie and an art exhibition for Art Gallery Brno. “The creatures, feelings and landscapes who fill it with sounds and images were born through a special deck of fantasy cards shaped by collective talking about pains and wishes – the most personal, the global, the planetary or those the future-stars might have the moment before the fusion,” says the collective BCAA loosely relating to the world trend of so called conceptronica.