Mathieu Chamagne – Volumes

Immersive & interactive VR sonic sculptures

Volumes is an immersive experience involving collective exploration of a virtual space populated by interactive sound objects. 

This installation tackles the question of the body in digital space by experimenting and playing with different models of sound objects and immersive sonic landscape, through an innovative head-tracking and 3D audio spatialization device. Binaural 3D audio spatialization techniques enable us not only to simulate the positions and movements of virtual sound sources in a three-dimensional space in an extremely realistic way, but also to deform and shape this acoustic space in highly unusual and unprecedented ways.

The combination of binaural spatialization and precise head-tracking (thanks to a sensor mounted on the headphones) enables real immersion in a virtual sonic space. In this context, it's easy to locate and identify each virtual sound object by listening alone. Some objects are assembled together, forming structures, groups, occupying precise volumes of space; others move, follow trajectories or react to the actions of visitors.

Visitors wearing VR-headphones freely move around in a virtual reality space that is all sound. They interact with virtual objects and with each other in real space.