Linnéa Talp

The Swedish musician Linnéa Talp was originally a pop singer-songwriter, but eventually became fascinated by the liminal nature of pipe organ soundscapes and the visceral dimension of drone music. For her, the constant pulse of endless masses of sound is linked to the cycle of inhalation and exhalation and allows for a meditation-like focus on the present. Talp operates in similar realms to her compatriots Kali Malone and Ellen Arkbro, but her approach is more intuitive; she is especially interested in the small details that only become apparent in seemingly monolithic music. Majestic melodies are interspersed with subtle sounds of escaping air, timbre changes and gentle dissonances. In addition, her solo debut Arch of Motion – coverd by The Guardian as well as the BBC - engaged leading Swedish improvisers to add new layers to the compositions. The performance in the former chapel of Atrium na Žižkově promises a particularly immersive experience.