Eryck Abecassis

The edges of music sometimes give rise to purism: nothing but atonality, nothing but analogue, nothing but constant progress. The French-Algerian artist Eryck Abecassis takes a rather different approach. His work includes compositions for chamber and large ensembles, sound installations, soundtracks and, of course, electronic works recorded by himself as an analogue and digital instrument player, guitarist and field recordist; he has been commissioned by the legendary GRM studio and recorded on the influential Editions Mego label. Abecassis clearly draws on the historical electronic avant-garde; still, his approach to this heritage is highly varied and often disruptive. Oscillating or looped motifs unfold in contemplative structures, where hints of delicate melodies mingle with harsher digital hisses, while at other times the expression approaches noise. His live set promises an adventurous trip through electronic music with the ever relevant reminder: there are no borders.