Umbrella for Music Curators

Apart from the music programme, Alternativa will also host the launch of a new platform called Umbrella for Music Curators (UFMC), which was established by a group of musicians, organisers and technical workers active in the Czech scene. The aim of the project is to create an online environment focused on challenging, unconventional and fringe music that will educate and inform existing audiences throughout Europe, but also stimulate inventive approaches among artists. The project, which is backed by, among others, noise maker Tomáš Vtípil, sound engineer Ladislav Železný, and Vít Kalvoda of the Ponava café in Brno (his portfolio includes the new and ambitious Faun Festival), is set to become a pioneering initiative, as its task is to acquire necessary streaming licences and thus pave the way for other similar attempts. The launch will take place on 11/11, and in addition to performances by involved artists, the UFMC will also provide podcasts and recordings from Alternativa.