Ryosuke Kiyasu

Japanese drummer Ryosuke Kiyasu uses simple means: a single snare drum and a few drumsticks are all he needs. Those who have seen his live performances, however, speak of an extraordinary experience, to which words or recordings can hardly do justice. Given Kiyasu’s background, this is not entirely surprising. Coming from that part of the Japanese scene where free jazz, noise and grindcore intersect, Kiyasu has releases on labels such as the cult Utech Records and the Czech Korobushka Records, and participated in a number of collaborations, including a stint in Keiji Haino's legendary Fushitsusha. Both inventiveness and ferocity are almost a requirement in these circles. In this particular case, this can mean the drummer quite literally attacks his snare drum, rolling on the ground with it in a manic attempt to break the boundaries of performance and reach new levels of intensity. At the same time, these are not merely theatrical gestures. The movements of both the player and the drum alter the instrument’s sound and enhance the mesmeric effect of the concert.