The +../q_Q\..+ project brings together four strong personalities, whose approach to electronic music is based on a similar aesthetic at the intersection of club music and abstraction, but with different results. CITYTRONIX, real name Drew Holliday, is a musician and visual artist from Kent, UK, for whom music serves as a sonic diary of her own life. Her work ranges from hyperpop that teeters between euphoria and vertigo to what might be termed hyperambient – pensive, bombastic and intimate soundscapes. Gertie Adelaido describes their approach as open-channel meta-punk or ADHD-core. Their sets relay a kind of messy melancholy and can accommodate noise, hardcore or extreme metal, while remaining fragile and danceable. The trngs project may be familiar to those who follow the visionary labels Gin & Platonic and Infinite Machine. In this case, the creative approach is defined by an overload of sounds, ideas and styles that push electronic dance music to the brink. Bursts of fractured rhythms and alien melodies function as a parallel to the constant barrage of information and stimuli encountered online. Finally, Oliver Torr is a Europe based multidisciplinary artist, composer, and sound designer. He draws on impulsive improvisation, technology, extreme ends of soniXx & composition.