In the duo Nabelóse, pianist Ingrid Schmoliner and hornist Elena Kakaliagou (Zeitkratzer, Zinc & Copper) explore the connections between improvisation, modern composition and folk music. On the one hand, their music is characterised by the lyrical, wistful sound of the French horn alongside pensive chants; on the other hand, they often employ unconventional techniques that create a more challenging and ambiguous expression. The majestic French horn often veers toward ambient music, creating gently buzzing soundscapes, while the chiming prepared piano takes on the role of a rhythm instrument or disrupts the pastoral mood with dissonant clusters. In these contrasts, Schmoliner and Kakaliagou balance accessibility and abstraction very well, creating music that is truly dense but also very satisfying to listen to. Their live performances always adapt to the space in which they take place – their latest release Omokentro is based on a performance in a disused reservoir in Berlin's Prenzlauer-Berg district – and the one at Alternativa promises an exceptional, magical experience.