Glory Affairs

Anh Phi (dj set)
mess. (live electroacoustic music)
Anki (live rap concert)
Mor Wen + Stéphanie Nduhirahe + Roman Dzacar (live sound~performance~dance~movement~)
Qow + lizwiz (live something new)
Xynnh (live music)

The Glory Affairs collective operates at the intersection of contemporary experiments, (post)club and global sounds, proving there are no boundaries between them anyway. Its events, which take place both in their studio at Planeta Za and at other Prague venues, tend to be community feasts for the senses, where stage design including sculptures, theatrical elements including costumes and food complement sound and visuals. In other words, they can be described as all-encompassing explosions of creative energy. The utopian ethos of Glory Affairs is demonstrated in frequent collaborations and a vague identity, but five members form an unstable core. At the very heart, there is the sibling duo of Mor Wen and Xynnh (who also perform together as Wyoxen). As visual artists, DJs and producers, their interest lies in hybrid, ever-changing forms. Omar El-Sadek has been getting the most attention, both under his own name as an internationally acclaimed author of visuals for Drew McDowall or Msylma, with appearance e.g. at Krakow's Unsound Festival, and as QOW, combining sharp power ambient with the music of his native Egypt. The inner circle is rounded out by LizWiz and Ionai, whose DJ sets again show modern approaches to both club and more radical electronic music.