Rdeča Raketa & Patrick K.-H. & Ivan Marušić-Klif

Rdeča Raketa sees the meeting of two musicians with extensive experience in improvised and abstract music, Slovenian Maja Osojnik (vocals, electronics) and Austrian Matija Schellander (electronics). At Alternativa, they will present their audiovisual project ... And Cannot Reach the Silence, which reflects on the paradox of the apparent increase in misunderstanding in today's interconnected world, and on the resulting violence and dangers of power that are associated with the failure of communication, while also trying to suggest ways out of this situation. Sonically, the pair create soundscapes that shift from slow pulses to veils of grey noise and surges of static electricity, as well as beats inspired by industrial or hip-hop. Projections by Patrick K.-H. and Ivan Marušić Klif are also an integral part of their live performances, creating surreal collages full of concrete images in unsettling contexts.