alternativní alternativa | live

curators: Synth Library & Noise Kitchen

As part of the Alternative Alternative program, we composed a jingle, talked about what contemporary pop music we enjoy, how music events are organized, or how music is released and presented. Now we're even playing together at the Meetfactory.
This year's Alternative Alternative will be rounded off with a session dedicated to the young talents of the local scene. No matter the presentation, the stage is open to everyone from DJs to laptop performers* to full hardware acts.

Juicing Her Jesus

Juicing her Jesus is a fluid collective whose main focus in their musical performances is 'juicing' the moods and sounds that are just coming out of their bowels. Instruments - mostly boxes - circulate at each performance according to the needs of the members to achieve a juicy and unique shared experience. The sound is edible. A synthesis of food, sounds from different analogue and digital spheres and noise.

Daniel Karko

Daniel Karko is one of the youngest musicians to appear at Noise Kitchen in the last three years. We became fans after a few music videos on Instagram. Then we came across his name in the Bastl Electronic Track competition, to which he contributed an original micro suite oscillating between minimalist instrumental and ambient electronica. He says of himself, "I love the process of making tracks, finding and creating sound. I have been working with Ableton Live for about 4 years. I also enjoy synthesizers and am very new to bass guitar. I don't know what genre my work falls under, but I don't mind it too much. I make music pretty spontaneously, and often don't look for as much meaning in it. That's why I want to learn how to make music with a specific goal from the beginning of the process. I had that opportunity when I was composing music for dance performances, for example."

Teo Kryštůfková

Teo Kryštůfková uses sound atmospheres to stimulate the imagination regarding cryptic visual images, fantasy worlds and visions that linger in her mind or dreams and surface intuitively. She discovered the medium as a tool for the release and expression of repressed feelings, anxiety states and gender identity. She sees music as an accompaniment to the emotional situations she tries to create for others. The aesthetic scenes that she discovers through experimentation with sound atmospheres are also used for her visual work. Teo creates 3D environments in the video game studio Warhorse and studies design and digital technologies at UMPRUM.

T Kushnarev

Prague based multimedia artist and musician. Focusing on combining unnerving and calm sounds and texture. Utilizing digital synthesizers, heavily manipulated samples, aleatoric sequencing methods.