Richter & syn: Vzpomínka

Pavel Richter: electric guitar, keyboards, percusions, harmonica, drums, groove, vocal
Jonáš Richter: CD players, loops, vocal

One of the most important guitarists of the Czech alternative scene Pavel Richter worked since 1975 in a number of projects – Švehlík, Marno Union, Richter Band, Elektrobus, collaborated with other interesting musicians – Mikoláš Chadima, Peter Nikel or Feng- yün Song, composed and recorded music for number of films and worked for theater.
Jonas Richter, in addition to music, he also produces experimental video.

Richter & Son will play cover versions and quotes of songs  from Švehlík 80s in his exclusive performances, you will hear older material and new songs in a world premiere. Performer Stephen Pečírka and multi-instrumentalist Bharata Rajnošek will perform as guests.