19. 11. 2016

Arve Henriksen in an interview

Arve gave an interview to Czech Radio Vltava after Supersilent´s stunning Prague show.

13. 11. 2016

Han Bennink closed the 24th edition of the Alternativa festival

Alternativa 2016 spread across five evenings and filled them with dense music from the most acclaimed musicians. Thank you all for a wonderful atmosphere! All photos will be soon uploaded to the Photos section and to the Facebook page of the festival.

08. 11. 2016

Gnod in an interview on Radio Wave

Tune up Radio Wave on Tuesday Nov. 8th at 2PM for an interview with Manchester-based band GNOD – they arrived to Prague yesterday to get in the right vibe for their Wednesday show at klub FAMU.

06. 11. 2016

Malá Alternativa 2016

The young band Lusk impressed the jury as well as the audience. And just like last year, Pavel Drabek (Sestra), Lusk shared the prize money of SAI equally among all bands.

04. 11. 2016

Malá alternativa - Cena diváků