Were Mute (CZ/UK)

fotka Were Mute



Vac da Hawk: guitar, vocal, loops, sounds
Pronefoal: loops, sounds, drums, effects, drones 


New project of Václav Havelka (Please The Trees, selFbrush ) aka Vac da Hawk and Carl Warwick ( ex - Squall, Pronefoal ) offers analog and experimental ambient, mixed beats, noise and drone. Quite naturally moves far beyond the song concept, where we were used to seeing Václav Havelka in his work until now. Step aside from the known and especially the desire to experiment were a major motivation of Havelka´s searching for a partner with whom he could let go for tempting new horizons. Carl Warwick has previously attracted attention as a drummer in a Squall noise, punk blues Atlantic Cable and other projects. Duo is currently in the process of preparing material for the upcoming album, which will produce Bonus alias Martin Tvrdý. The album will be released early next year and repertoire for it is developing during each concert.
It will be a great surprise for all fans Please The Trees, Squall or Atlantic Cable. These two musicians are based on the creation of such giants of experiment and other forms, such as Arthur Russell, Moondog, Forest Swords, Grouper or the now all-star Liars and Animal Collective.