Sousedi (CZ)

fotka Sousedi

Karel Žďárský: cello, guitar
Martin „
Spacosh“ Peřina: guitar, looper 

As long two people meet each other with their bulky instrument cases on the corridor of their house, as they form a band. The name is thus obvious: Sousedi – Neighbours. They play in duet. They do not search for other band members. The base consists of cello and guitar, but they make specific ambient-psychedelic sound due to using of looper and others cascading effects. If we abstracted from contemporary modern sound, maybe it would be possible comparisons to the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, but there are also home influences as Oldřich Janota or Dunaj.  Sousedi are not novices. Their handwriting is already quite mature. After all, they have had experience from other projects and bands. Karel Žďárský – SM Lomoz or current psychedelic B4. Martin Peřina – the jazz-rock Akline or in his recent project Between the Planets.