Rány těla (CZ)

fotka Rány těla




Hank J. Manchini
: vocal, guitar
Hadji: bass, vocal
Jakub "Pegáč" Pelnář: guitar
David Kabzan: keyboards, vocal
Vratislav Placheta jr.: drums

Prague post punk band influenced by Australian-Berlin blues, industrial scene, country, and psychedelic disco is back after some time and almost with original members. Decadent phantoms of Prague club scene of 90´ influenced number of fates, and were absolutely unique in their time on the Czech scene. They released an album entitled "Polyester" in 1996 and performed on many club and festival stages (e. g. JAM festival, support band at the first Prague concert of Bob Dylan, frequent concerts with Australian-Berlin legend Once Upon a Time, the recent concert with the New York post-punk scene legend Lydia Lunch and her project Big Sexy Noise...). All members work in other bands nowadays (Kill The Dandies!, Stargazer, Green Monster, etc.), but from time to time they meet together on legendary destructive sessions to gradually prepare material for a new album. Its preparing is slowly getting into delay, but what is a year or two in history...
That ´s important: Rány těla live on.