Přetlak věku (CZ)

fotka Přetlak věku


Bára Špádová: flute, vocal
Pepa Hřeben: trumpet, vocal
Marek Šťastný: bass, vocal
Vašek Haas: drums

 The origins of the band date back deeper into history...
...Marek and Vašek had played together whenever they got some tool into their hands. They finally ended up with bass and drums, as they ruling out noise almost tangible, and that's it.Over time, as the ears and people growing older, they start to miss other instruments, as well as other band members, ear- and eye-catching. And so in 2009, Bára comes with a sensitive and creative flute. At that time also was created a few basic songs.
If Pepa didn´t come with a trumpet, and especially with the incredible ability of the catalyst events, it would be probably nothing more happened. In 2011 he was agreed the first concert that pushes things forward. The band was actually created (there was no other option…) and receives concise name given the predominance of elderly.