Phaerentz (CZ)

Phaerentz (Petr Ferenc) is a Prague-based electronic musician, promoter and music journalist, a member of Birds Build Nests Underground, Radio Royal and other projects. He works with found sound and media and uses players, mostly turntables and cassette players (language repeaters) but also minidiscs and CD walkmans.

As a soloist, Phaerentz is focused on physical qualities of sound in opposite to intellectual plunderphonist approach and has chosen not to use any sound-altering effects and factory-made boxes that make most of the noise tables sound similar. Each sound medium has its own magic, surface noise and special quality when it comes to repetition, randomness and tactility of play.

Repetition of short loops of various lengths is crucial for Phaerentz’s work. Phase shifting of short loops creates surprising acoustic and polyrhythmic phenomena that can not be fully anticipated beforehand. Rather than parts of collage, these loops of found sound become elements of a psycho-acoustic minimalist experience focusing on extended repetition as a means to discovering motion in static.

No clicks, no edits, no randomness - Repetition is variation - Better be real than postmodern.