Lydia Lunch Retrovirus (USA)

fotka Lydia Lunch Retrovirus

Lydia Lunch
: vocal
Bob Bert: drums
Weasel Walter: guitar
Angis Kizys: bass

Tireless queen of alternative music Lydia Lunch is returning to Prague after almost three years, with a completely new project and in addition, at the head of the other legendary personalities of New York underground music. She called it Retrovirus, exactly in her style – ironic and provocative, and invited to cooperate the true elite of the strongest scene of the world's avant-garde. Her partners are bassist Algis Kyzis, a former longtime member of the Swans and companion of legendary Foetus; drummer Bob Bert, who recorded first three albums of Sonic Youth (and the EP "Death Valley 69", where as a guest played Lydia Lunch), he was a member of the cult Pussy Galore with Jon Spencer, later became famous in the Chrome Cranks, which recently after fifteen years started playing again, and otherwise acted in dozens of other formations; and the last but not least of the quartet is guitarist Weasel Walter, who founded The Flying Luttenbachers in 1991 with the famous jazzman Hal Russell, currently is the leading figure of two formations – Behold ... The Arctopus and Cellular Chaos and otherwise he is one of the most productive musicians of today, whose scope ranges from free jazz through classical music somewhere to death metal.

Retrovirus mean for Lydia Lunch and little return to the scene of no wave and logically also to America because she had lived in Barcelona in recent years, and worked mainly in Europe. Mainly, however, from deep blues tones Big Sexy Noise tends to a more industrial and uncontrollable form of her work. Retrovirus debut album is a recording of their last concert at New York's Knitting Factory. Strong, angry and fierce collision of four very clear-cut personalities – big bang! Lydia Lunch Retrovirus will perfome this big bang as a concert afterparty of the Alternative Festival and an integral part of the evening will be also launch of two books by Lydia Lunch, which will be published by MaĆ„a publisher for the first time in Czech translation. The first is Lydia's last year's erotic cookbook "The Need to Feed: Recipes for Developing a Healthy Obsession for Deeply Satisfying Foods" a second is collection of poems "Blood Track", which will be released for the first time worldwide!