Hitman's Heel (USA/Ger)

fotka Hitman's Heel


Hitman's Heel – Alexander Hacke of Einstürzende Neubauten╩╗s fame & his longtime partner in life and arts, Danielle de Picciotto (Berlin based U.S. multi-genre artist, among other deeds and achievements also a co-founder of the first Berlin╩╝s Love Parade in 1989), in their new long awaited project…

Hitman's Heel goes back to the basics. After deciding to give up their house in Berlin 2010 the couple was on the road in search of new horizons. Celebrating this restless nomadic lifestyle they decided to go back to classic songwriting, without sequencing or electronic processing. Concentrating purely on their instruments (guitar, autoharp, keyboards, drums) their songs can be performed on any stage and unplugged. Disregarding fashion, conventions or everyday standards, their lyrics speak of the world they are discovering: “Solitude”, “Magic” and “Freedom”. The brew Ballads, gypsy rolls, Italo Western piano tunes, heavy guitar riffs and Autoharp transports the audience into the world of the uncompromising explorer.

As in their previous projects (“Sanctuary”/”The History of Electricity”/ ”Mountains of Madness” and the “The Ship of Fools”) new visuals by Danielle de Picciotto will accompan