Danielle de Picciotto – My Secret Diary (Ger)

fotka Danielle de Picciotto – My Secret Diary

 The theme of the current work of Danielle de Picciotto is "art as a diary".
A diary is a record  of personal descriptions about what has happened over the course of a day or important  period in a developement, possibly including views on current events.
 "As I try to understand the world around me, my art has  become my personal , secret diary in which I speak about what moves and influences the course of my life. I have been touring and on the road now for many years and the best way to understand where I come from and where I am heading is to keep a diary. I do this in the form of ink drawings". 
In Prague Danielle will be exhibiting a collection of her ink drawings.

Part of this evening is going to be projection of documentary How Long Is Now directed by Danielle de Picciotto. Discussion will follow the film.