Birds Build Nests Underground (CZ)

fotka Birds Build Nests Underground

Petr Ferenc – gramophones, sound generators (Radio Royal, ex Z veselého světa)
Michal Brunclík – gramophones, sound generators
Martin Ježek – projector

Birds Build Nests Underground is a Prague-based trio working in the fields of found sound and vision. Their basic tools is a double DJ set and 8mm, 16mm, 35mm and KP8 film and slide projectors. Their goal is, however, not a standard DJ/VJ entertainment muzak and screensaving but a deep dive into the very nature of sound and image. The turntablists of the band – Petr Ferenc and Michal Brunclík – are manipulating records by keeping them off thein avers, placing stickers on them, cutting, scratching and piling them on turntable plates in order to maket all the „mistakes“ and coincidental sound events equally important to the recorded sound. Martin Ježek, the filmmaker of the band, treats (not only) found footage the same way as the turntablists treat their records: he juxtaposes, collages and edits the image to create a wholly new visual experience. Birds Build Nests Underground (BBNU) are not one of many bands that create „live soundtracks“ to an already existing filmwork. Their music and images interact, coexist and are created at the same time.

BBNU played their first concert as a duo in 2003. Their goal in the early years was to compose nice songs from old and broken records. This strategy was presented on the first LP Night Night that was released on band’s label Love Nest in 2007 and won the Anděl prize for „The Best Czech Alternative Album Of The Year.“ With Martin Ježek on board, the band started to lean toward spontanneous improvised music as documented on thein later releases.

BBNU have played at numerous alternative music, industrial & noise as well as indie and contemporary classical festivals. Their music can be heard in several films (Klára Tasovská’s award-winning documentary Middnight) and one theatre piece. They also released collaborations with Aranos and My Cat Is An Alien. In 2009 BBNU started to develop their Jdi za štěstím / Find Your Luck performance for cinemas. The result is a unique experience for 35mm and dolby surround sound – this made BBNU perhaps the only band to improvise with 35mm moving images. In 2011 BBNU decided to partly return to composed material and expand their „arsenal“ with cassette players, sound of 16mm films etc.