fotka Bagdasarov/Pollack/Schweighart/Vatagin

(Saxophone&Devices / Guitar&Devices / Drums / Cello&Devices)

Those 4 incredible musician previosly played together in differents constalations as duo and trio until one winter's night  in 10th district of Vienna they decided to make a quartet.  Since 2011 to 2013 they played and record together too many times so they got very enthusiastic and promising reviews of austrian jazz critic where they could hardly understand a word. The Prague concert is gonna be the very first concert after two years brake.

George Bagdasarov was born in armenian family to the sounds of rockets taking off into space from Kazakhstan. He never boarded any of those rockets, and spent all his life living in various locations throughout Eurasia.
Now he live & works in Prague.
George Bagdasarov started his music carrier as guitarist in a psychedelic punk band, developed through conceptual techno to free improvisation based on the stuff collected on flea markets all around the world. He played and recorded in different collaboration with jazz, noise, electronic, etc musician Richard Deutsch, Jerome Noetinger, Yoshio Mashida, Les Halmes, Dill, Yutaka Makino, DJ Sniff, Fitz Ellarald etc...


Alexandr Vatagin was born in Jalta, Ukraine in 1982 and moved to Austria in the early 90es.
He started to learn playing instruments only at a late age and learned all of them as an autodidact, and never regreted it.
Now he lives & works in Vienna.

Alexandr Vatagin lives as a musician and producer in vienna, plays in four bands: port-royal, tupolev, slon, werner kitzmüller trio and several projects. until now he also released two critically acclaimed solo albums. He is always on the border of many different musical styles - as a musician and as a producer. from experimental electronic music to singer/songwriter music, from improvised music to rock, from jazz to dancemusic. Since 2008 he runs also the viennese label valeot records. In 2009, the biggest austrian music magazine "thegap" chose him as one of the 100 most promising young austrian artists. He colloborated with Martin Siewert (trapist, heaven and), Bernhard Fleischmann, Stefan Nemeth (radian, lokai), Danny Grody (the drift, tarentel), Alexander Schubert(sinebag, ahornfelder), Nicolas Bernier, Fabian Pollack, George Bagdasarov and many others.


Fabian Pollack is a guitarist who deeply appreciates a whole range of different musical styles, and plays primarily with the bands nifty’s, zur wachauerin and brpobr. He has worked with a number of key artists, with dancers, fine artists, writers, musicians and silent films: Katharina Weinhuber, Renate Kretschmer and Jörg Schwarzenberger, Bodo Hell, Elfriede Gerstl, Wolfgang Kühn, Martin Siewert, Wolfgang Fuchs, Renald Deppe, Andreas Schreiber, Christoph Cech, Franz Hautzinger, Thomas Berghammer, Hannes Löschel, Andrew Sharpley, Julio Fujak, Noel Akchote, and Attila Dora, Daniel Matej, Judith Unterpertinger…


David Schweighart is an awesome drummer from moedling, active in bands like Tupolev, Gore Gore Boys, Slon, Protestant Work Ethic, Werner Kitzmüller Trio and many more. He beats out the shit out of every drumkit.

In cooperation with Serpens and slashdashbackslash.