B4 (CZ)

fotka B4


Tomáš Procházka
– guitar (Radio Royal, Guru Guru, Handa Gote)
David Freudl – keyboards (Handa Gote)
Leoš Kropáček – drums (Handa Gote)
Karel Žďárský – bass (Sousedi)

B4 is a group playing improvised music. It has been found in 1998 as an ethno - ambient duo. Through the years it transformed to actual team. Also music turned more to the psychedelic - noise - minimalistic - free - acid - we dont know...

It is a combination of old fashion electronics / analog synths, organs, tape echoes and other weird pieces of equipment / and acoustic instruments / violin, viola, flutes, bagpipe, several percussions /. Usually there is no singing throughout the live performance and it is played all the way from the beggining with no pauses. More like the DJ set, then usual concert.

We work also for the theatres, mainly for dance and physical theatre scene. We have small home recording studio, where we record our stuff. Studio work is very different from the live performance, it is more like another chapter in the creativity of the B4 project.