Akron/Family (USA)

fotka Akron/Family


A folk-influenced experimental rock band that formed in 2002, originally based in
New York city, now all over the States, conquered its fame through their sensationally distinctive recordings released on iconic U.S. independent labels Young God and Dead Oceans Records. Though each member of the band — Miles Seaton, Seth Olinsky and Dana Janssen can be relegated to loosely defined roles (drummer, guitarist, bassist, resp. vocalist), all of them in fact play several instruments and sing, as evidenced by their shows and recorded material. When playing live, the band makes prominent use of improvisation and vocal harmonies. On their self-titled debut record, field recordings of a creaking chair, thunderclaps and the white noise of a television find their way alongside psychedelic and electronic elements, guitars and a glockenspiel.
In addition to their eponymous solo debut in 2005, the band played behind Michael Gira (the legendary SWANS’ front man and mastermind) on his Angels of Light project as well as splitting a full length CD with Angels of Light… Yes, both full lengths on Gira’s own, already mentioned Young God Records.
 Through several albums made in a Brooklyn home studio and through a collaboration with Michael Gira, Akron/Family earned themselves a madcap reputation: songs that start in a Beatles-inspired place inevitably erupt into skronk before settling into country sweetness, and folk-raised spirituals dart through Led Zeppelin territory, with '60s rock and general psychedelia also major themes. In addition to the more obvious influences -- the Beatles, Brian Wilson, Dylan, the Band -- Radiohead, Captain Beefheart, and acts like Spiritualized also clearly infiltrated the Family iPods, and to impressive effect. In 2006 Akron/Family released their second album on Young God label, „Meek Warrior“, and in 2007, lead vocalist Ryan Vanderhoof left after recording the adventurous follow up „Love Is Simple“. He group remained a trio for the 2009 release „Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free“. The album was released by the Dead Oceans Records.
After a long tour and a brief rest, Akron/Family retreated to a cabin near an active volcano in Hokkaido, Japan, in order to write new material. Upon returning to the United States, the band teamed with producer Chris Koltay (Liars, Holy Fuck, Deerhunter) and commenced to record in Michigan Central Station, the abandoned (and infamous) ten-story train station in Detroit. The end result was „The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT“, issued in February of 2011 on Dead Oceans again.



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