1724 (H/PL/A)

fotka 1724


Luca Kezdy
: violine, electronics
Tomek Les: guitar, electronics
Emil Gross: drums/percussions, electronics

They go into too many different styles in between; it´s their wild, young courageous style, centred in the improvised music; but switching to underground, into psychedelic fields, switching into Hungarian and Polish folk music, using African patterns or turning around after a complicated brake into fat, groovy beats; event if it´s a rough region or ma bye going down deep into calm feelings for a while. "1724" is a wide diversified band, who´s band members are active in different ensembles to play reggae, jazz, punk or free improvised music, jazz, jazz avantgarde, psychedelic music. 

All of these three musicians are engaged in different other project:
Les Tomeks main band is 100nka in Poland, Luca Kezdy is one third of Santa Diver band; Emil Gross does the rhythm in ostensive diametrically opposed bands, from reggae to avant-garde. Go for >>